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Posted by Maros on February 7, 2019
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The most remote inhabited island in Croatia is Lastovo. The island of Lastovo is actually the biggest one in the same name archipelago in the south part of the Croatian coast. These islands attract tourist with the beautiful barely touched natural environment. However, it has a rich history with beautiful architectural traits left. Lastovo was first settled by Illyrians, who were later conquered by Romans. Today, the island is mainly noted for the 15th– century Venetian architecture. A large number of small churches serve as a testament of island’s long-standing Roman Catholic tradition. The bays are quiet with local-owned restaurants. Behind the walls of unpretentious houses by the sea, the best cuisine is prepared. Being truly dislocated the menus remained unique. The offer is seasonal and prepared with organically grown ingredients. The baked octopus is a must try. The island has a dynamic landscape with four hills higher than 400 meters on only 46 square meters. The roads on the island between oak and pine trees lead to the town of Lastovo. The town is placed in the island’s hinterland, which is unusual compared to other Adriatic island, where towns grew out from the harbor. Houses spread over steep banks reminding of an amphitheater. This amazing place is known for its unique chimneys. The roofs of otherwise modest stone houses are decorated with these unique pieces of art called fumars. It is an open-air exhibition of surrealist sculptures. The church of Saint Cosmas and Damian dates back in the 14th century. Lastovo being isolated from the mainland civilization left the skies above perfectly clear. The zero light pollution makes Lastovo the best place for star gazing.  The rustical environment is a host for the major cultural event, the carnival of Poklade. The residents of the island wear folk costumes. The tradition of the carnival, celebrating the end of the winter, goes back into 16th century. The main character of the carnival is a handmade doll called Poklad. With its strategic position Lastovo has been used as a military base for centuries. In the bay of Jurjevo and others remained many submarine and boat tunnels. It is possible to moor up in the entrance for some adventures exploring.

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